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Nobility not always noble. This is a small selection of my experiences – Adoption in our old, time-honored House of Anhalt-Askanien

Why exactly, Royal Highness? Do you not know your own family history? Didn't Prinz Eduard's mother teach the House of Anhalt how to use adoption?
Prinz Eduard's mother was born Edda Marwitz and wanted a job in a castle. Back then, unemployment rates were high in Germany. Germany was busy extending its army, and the only people who had any real money were the noble houses! Well, thought Ms Marwitz, now if my name included "von", I'd be sure to get into a castle. Edda Marwitz started looking around and found Bertha von Stephanie.

Eduard von Anhalt, also called Frogeyed-Edi (Why doesn't he cover his eyes with glasses? After all, Heino does the same!)

They negotiated, and in the end, Ms von Stephanie agreed to adopt Edda Marwitz for 10,000 Goldmark. Where exactly did young Miss Edda take so much money from back then? Nothing is known about her being in employment or having learned a profession. Anyway, the castle doors opened for Edda Marwitz von Stephanie.
"Welcome to Schloss Ballenstedt", said Herzog Joachim Ernst von Anhalt, and all the rest was easy. Caught in the act, the Duke had little choice but to marry Edda Marwitz von Stephanie. Edda became pregnant, the child was born with syphilis and died.
Five more children followed. They were: Marie Antoinette, Prinzessin Anna-Luise, Leopold Friedrich, Edda and Eduard. None of these children had syphilis. The story doesn't seem quite right, but as long as the kids are healthy…
You don't believe it? Take the court almanac, go to "Anhalt" (Askanischan House) and see for yourselves. It's written in big bold letters – in old German script even.

Prinzessin Marie Antoinette in particular (she was also called Alexandra) was married often (Guttmann, Riederer) and adopted many. Where was Prinz Eduard at the time? Did he get part of the cake? Even worse, she also had an employee's child and placed the poor kid in an orphanage at age 2. The boy only got back into contact with our family 35 years later. Prinzessin Anna-Luise married outside of nobility. The son came back to the family a few years ago. Prinz Leopold Friedrich died in a car accident, Prinzessin Edda remained unwed and Prinz Eduard von Anhalt had three girls with a middle-class woman.

His Fake Royal Bullshit, heir to the throne, head of house or head of apartment etc. etc. Prinz Eduard von Anhalt does not like adoptions. For years, he has been fighting to have the law on adoptions changed, sitting on his high horse, brandishing his sword.






Prinzessin Maja von Hohenzollern.


She wanted everything from me. When I told her no (I am, after all, happily married!), she still would not give up. In front of a running camera, she asked me: Can you find me a rich husband? After all, you're living among the very richest. Best get me an old one who won't keep me up for long. No matter if he's fat and ugly – just so long as he's got money!

What a disgusting woman! That's just what German nobility needed.



Prinz Ferfried von Hohenzollern.


4 weeks later, another member of house Hohenzollern came to see me. Prinz Ferfried von Hohenzollern had had enough of German women and asked my advice. She was supposed to be rich, young and pretty, and it would be best if she could take the whip to him twice a day. I gave him a list of millionaire widows that would have liked to have a title to go with their names. However, all of those were girls whose husbands had died of old age, and who really didn't know how to handle a whip. Ferfried told me he would think about it and departed a week later.